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Lindy Hop - Swing - Solo Jazz - Charleston - Blues - Balboa - Boogie Woogie - Shag - Tap 


We offer you 2 teacher couples from abroad! 

Fred Caputo and Alison Parla (France)

They are going to teach you Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and a Boogie Woogie Taster. 

Fred started at the age of 18 with dancing and became immediately passionate about Swing. At first with Boogie Woogie but later he discovered Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz. 
Fred danced a lot of finals in Europe and France and did also win a bunch of competitions.  His heart is with teaching techniques of dancing next to the spirit of Lindy Hop. His musicality is amazing. Fred loves that the style of each dancer is different, he shows that on the dancefloor and in his classes. 

Alison started dancing competitions on the early age of 12, most of all in Rock Jump, where she won and was a finalist in several competitions. She discovered Swing very quickly, at first Boogie Woogie, later Lindy Hop. She continues dancing Boogie Woogie at a high level. She shares her passion for Swingmusic and -dancing by mixing competitions, performances, shows and teaching Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop. She attaches great importance to Swing alongside her studies. For her, the keys of dancing are sharing the dance, the fun and the interpretation of the music. 

When you look at their dancing you can see the energy and musicality glance! 

Helena Verheyen (Belgium) en Smiltys Andrikonis 

This amazing couple is going to teach you Lindy Hop and Solo Authentic Jazz

Helena is a vernacluar jazz dancer and costume designer based in Ghent, Belgium. Over the last 20 years she has explored many dance forms, from Ballet to African dance, Tango, Capoeira, Contemporary dance, theatre, Samba & Modern Jazz dance. 
She bumped into Lindy Hop in 2009, and it was love at first sight, Ever since then, she has been attending numerous workshops in Europe and attended dance residencies in mOntreal, Stockholm and New York.
Focussing on Lindy Hop and Solo Authentic Jazz, she has created her own unique style which integrates the variety of the dances she studied previously. She is a bomb of energy on the dancefloor, surprising her partner with dazzling footwork. 

Smiltys has been familiar with Jazz music since the day he was born. At the age of just 4 years old, he started acting in theatre, several years later playing saxophone and dancing contemporary dance became his hobby as well. 
After graduating, Smiltys found out about Swing dance, now there was no turning back! 
Many classes, various competitions and international festivals later, he discovered that dynamics between the thrill of the competitions and the chill of social dancing, is what motivates him to dance. 

Look at them dance and be dazzled!