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Lindy Hop - Swing - Solo Jazz - Charleston - Blues - Balboa - Boogie Woogie - Shag - Tap 

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Find us @ 'Het Danslokaal': (Nijmegen)

Parking in front of Het Danslokaal or at the big parking lot, see pictures below. 

Search for "Lindy Hop vereniging JazzOut, Nijmegen" in Google Maps and you will have the exact address.  

Find us @ 'Bank van Leening, Babel: (Den Bosch)

Parking in the parking garage "Josephstraat" (evenings, €1 p/h)  - We dance in room nr 3. 

Find us @ Brouwpodium Bossche Brouwers aan de Vaart: (Den Bosch)

Parking at the Tramkade

Find us @ De Waagh: (Nijmegen)

Parking at Parking Kelfkensbos