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JazzOut wants to reward members who do something extra for JazzOut. Therefore Danny and Eveline can hand out rewardpoints. You get Rewardpoints when you do something extra-ordinary for JazzOut. 

Think about arranging a band, a foreign teacher, or a try-outclass, take over some administrative tasks, DJ during a social or other exceptional performances. 
You also get Rewardpoints for a perfect attendance during a block and if you bring in new members! 

You will get a notice when you've been given rewardpoints.
When you got rewardpoints, you can use these for discounts on Lindy Hop-workshops and Lindy Hop workshopweekends. It does not matter if these workshops are organised by JazzOut or by another Lindy-Hop organisation. 

For the whole description and for the summary of Rewardpoints, click this linkRewardpoints