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Some awesome workshops are coming up! 

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9, 23 & 30 July - Save Your School Track - Nijmegen 

On Thursday 9, 23 and 30 July we will teach Lindy Hop classes in Het Danslokaal, Nijmegen. There will be 3 levels. Beginner +, Intermediate, Int- Advanced. 
As a couple you choose 1 level, check out the Level description here. on the site. Unfortunately there will be no Solo during this 'Save your school' Track. 
Costs are €36,- per person, we know  that is more than the normal rate, but it is called the 'Save your School Track' after all. To clarify, we have been paying full rent for rooms we couldn't use and other monthly expenses  during these months, in which there was no income. We hope for your support, and we promise you that this track will be intensive and so much fun! 
Are these costs really to high for you, contact us, maybe we can arrange something. 

Location: Het Danslokaal, Nijmegen
Date: 9, 23, 30 July
Time: Thursdays - If you can't make all dates, but still want to join, send us a message! 

Room 1

Room 2

19:00 - 20:00

Beginners + & Intermediate

Practice hour

20:30 - 21:30


Practise hour

Costs: €36,- per person
For whom: Everyone who ever did some Lindy Hop

Registrations are open

***POSTPONED*** NEW DATE TO BE SET -  22 March - Workshop Burlesque by Elles de Graaf

With Burlesque you can unleash your femininity! Celebrate womenhood and enjoy the shapes and movements of your body in this amazing workshop.
In 2 hours you learn different aspects of Burlesque, taught by the one and only Elles De Graaf of Dance Holland. 

Elles is wellknown as dancer and singer. Next to teaching dance she also produces shows.
When you see her move, you are hooked!

Do you join this Burlesque workshop? 'The Art of seduction'! Burla (Burlesque) means Joke, next to seduction there is a lot of humor in this great workshop. Do you dare?
It is a dance workshop with tempational moves and movements of teasing.
Every level dancer and every type of woman is welcome. Embrace your femininity

Burlesque stands for: humor, tease, elegance, acting and seduction. In this Burlesque workshop we work on Burlesque walks, typical Burlesque moves, expressions, characters and types and a beautiful Choreography.

Bring you (dancing) heels!

Location: Het Danslokaal, Nijmegen
Date: 22 March
Time: 13:30 - 15:30
Non-JazzOut Members: €22,50
Jazz-Out Members: €20,-

Limited spots, 

Registrations are open


17 May + 14 June + 5 July - Collegiate Shag Track by Julia & Peter

This is not really a workshop but a it's a track divided on 3 sundays. 

You have 3 options for registering.

* Level 1: Absolute beginner: 6 hours: 17 May - 4 hours of class & 21 June - 2 hours of class. 
*. Level 2: 6 hours: 21 June - 2 hours of class & 5 July - 4 hours of class. 
* Level 1 & 2: 12 hours: 17 May, 21 June & 5 July - 4 hours of class each day. 

Julia and Peter will teach you the basics, footwork, drills, fast tempos and their love for Collegiate Shag.

Their Bio: *coming up*


Location: Het Danslokaal, Nijmegen
Date: 17/5, 14/6, 5/7
17/5: Level 1: 11:00 - 15:30
21/6: Level 1: 11:00 - 13:00
       Level 2: 13:30 - 15:30
5/7: Level 2: 11:00 - 15:30

Level 1 or 2: Regular: €52,50
                Student: €45,-
Level 1 & 2: 
Regular: €105,-
               Student: €90,-

If you join Lindy Hop classes at JazzOut during the same block, you get a discount! 
Check out the pricelist for more info. 

Registrations open on March 2nd

 June - Workshop Swivels by Eveline 

In this workshop of 1.5 hour you will learn the wonderful art of Swivels! 
Making the perfect Swivels are every follows big dream, and every follow has their own unique style of swivelling. In this workshop you will learn different sorts of swivels and the technique and timing behind. 
You will work on your own unique styling, swiveling through class. In this workshop we do not need te leads, because we, follows, are perfectly capable of dancing on our own! 

Location: Het Danslokaal, Nijmegen
Date: 21 June
Time: 14:30 - 16:00
JazzOut Member: €17.50
Non JazzOut Member: €20,00

Registrations are open 

Workshop dates coming up:

September 20 - African Dance - ? 
December 20 - ? - ?
January 21 - ? - ?