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Mission & Vision


JazzOut would love the whole world to know about the existence of Swing dancing and the joy it brings to your life.


JazzOut focuses on the spreading of Swing dance and Swing related dances, by offering regular partnered and solo Swing dance classes. We organise, host and perform Swing dance events, workshops and shows. All Swing dances are social dances. In origine they brought people together and bridged the gaps between different people. This community needs to be nourished and taken care of so it can flourish. We do that by welcoming everyone into the Swing dance scene. 

We help our students to discover and develop their own dancing talents by challenging everyone at their own level. Therefore we offer different levels of classes and are constantly working on a personal level during the classes.
We have an open mind about every type or skilled dancer. For this we offer high-quality classical and personal, dance lessons in a safe environment. We offer an open and respectful learning space in which all people feel welcome.
The dance classes are focussed on fun, creativity, self-development, skills, body-awareness and technique, in a non-particular order.
Our classes are taught by constantly developing swing dance teachers who are energetic, passionate about Swing dancing and respectful to the dance and the dancers.
The JazzOut team consists of passionate, committed, constantly improving, independent dancers who have a great love for Swing dance and are driven to make the Swing dance scene grow. 


Everyone can Swing dance and the whole world should know about it. We are passionate to present Swing dance to everyone we can reach and make it accessible to all. In short, we want to make Swing dance great again!

Core Values


At JazzOut we offer high-quality lessons and performances, from highly skilled teachers and performers. Everything we do will be at the highest level we can offer.


Swing dancing is full of fun and so are our classes, workshops and performances. There is never a dull moment.


Next to high-quality is professionality, we invest in our team and in our school to improve the professionality in all areas. Our teachers are well-skilled and professional in their approach, performing and teaching. . 


Swing dance should be accessible to all kinds of people. Age, gender, style of living, psychical appearance or limitations in moving should not restrict someone from dancing Swing dance. We are open to all people and are willing to find solutions whenever necessary


JazzOut started small in 2017, but we are passionate about growing bigger, adding more dances to our curriculum and hosting as many Swing dance classes, performances and workshops as we can.